Impact of Rain on Roland Garros Schedule


Rain has made a mess of Roland Garros in 2016. On Monday, the entire order of play was cancelled. No tennis was played at all. On Tuesday, a couple of women’s fourth round matches were completed and a few men’s fourth round matches got started. I’m going to take you through what the rest of the tournament may look like in terms of scheduling.

Unfortunately the next couple days don’t look promising so the schedule could get backed up even further and go into next week. But there’s still a chance the tournament could finish on time, although not under ideal circumstances. I believe tournament organizers are doing all they can to stay as much to the original schedule as possible. As I go through each day, it’ll show how they’re doing it.

Wednesday June 1st

Original schedule: Men’s and women’s quarterfinals from the top half of the draw.

New schedule: Men’s and women’s fourth round from the top half of draw, men’s and women’s quarterfinals from bottom half of draw.

The women’s fourth round matches, which were supposed to be completed on Monday, are all scheduled to start at 11 AM, across four different courts. Tournament organizers need to get these matches completed tomorrow to be able to have the women’s final on Saturday. The players on the top half of the women’s draw still need to play four matches. Including Saturday, there’s four days left before that deadline, meaning one of these players would need to play four days in a row.

The men’s fourth round matches from the top half of the draw will follow the women’s matches across the same four courts. These are the next most important matches to get completed. Since the men’s final is scheduled for Sunday, they have an extra day, compared to the women. I don’t believe they’d ever ask the men to play four straight days in a best of five set format, but the women’s fourth round matches are more important since there is no more extra days at all anymore.

Men’s quarterfinals from the bottom half of the draw follow the men’s fourth round matches from the top half. Then the women’s quarterfinals from the bottom half of the draw after that. That’s why they needed to get Stosur-Halep and Pironkova-Radwanska matches completed today. To be able to play those quarterfinal matches tomorrow and stick to the original schedule of having the quarterfinals across two days. To be honest, they’re not important to be completed tomorrow. I hope all fourth round matches get completed tomorrow and that’s it. These quarterfinals being played tomorrow would continue to put the bottom halves of each draw at an advantage. I’d like to see everyone on the same terms. They all have to play the same days. No one gets an extra day off from now until the finals.

Thursday June 2nd

Original schedule: women’s semifinals

Probable new schedule: men’s and women’s quarterfinals from the top half of the draws and, perhaps, the women’s semifinal from the bottom half of the draw

Top halves remain a day behind schedule and need to get caught up. Women’s semifinal from the bottom half could be played, since that’s what was originally scheduled and the draw would be up to that point and ready for that match to be played. The winner of that match would have a huge advantage of having Friday off, while the other finalist would have to play for a third day in a row on Friday.

Friday June 3rd

Original schedule: men’s semifinals

Probable new schedule: men’s semifinals and women’s semifinal from the top half

The schedule will already have to be different than anticipated with one women’s semifinal still to be played. Maybe this women’s semifinal would start at 11 AM, before the men’s semifinals, which would start at 1 PM.

Saturday June 4th

Original schedule: women’s final

Probable new schedule: women’s final

The finalist from the top half would be playing for a fourth consecutive day, being at a disadvantage to the bottom half finalist who got proper rest of only having to play twice in the past four days.

Sunday June 5th

Original schedule: men’s final

Probable new schedule: men’s final

Both finalists have Saturday off. Although the bottom half finalist would have only played twice since Sunday, while the other finalist would be playing for a four time in the last five days.

I don’t believe what I laid out will come true, but it’s what the plan will be if the rain holds off for the rest of the tournament. With the forecast the next couple days looking ominous, not all matches will get completed. I’m hopeful the rain will karma this thing out and not leave one half of the draw at a disadvantage like it has the past two days. With television rights in place, organizers need to keep it as close as possible to the original schedule and try to get these matches played when they were planned to. This is what could lead to one half being at a disadvantage. Being apart of poor scheduling for my favorite player has been awful in the past. I wouldn’t wish it on any player to be put at a disadvantage like this. We want the player playing the best to win the tournament, not the player who gets put into the best position by getting luck from the rain and taking advantage of an exhausted player in the final. I hope this tournament doesn’t just keep getting worse and worse. I hope eventually everything evens out. I don’t mind the finals getting pushed back, in fact, I’d prefer it.  Maybe even a Tuesday men’s final will be required to get this thing completed properly. Whatever it takes. Just let it be a fair contest. This is a major tournament. The winner should earn it. Not have it be handed to them.

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